Killer Projects Part 12

Part Twelve: Run. Recuperate. Repeat.



Run. Recuperate. Repeat. That’s all they did anymore. First it was from Patrick and his gang of thieves and outcasts, then it was from the HQ itself, and now… now they were being hunted by two of their very own.

At night she could feel them, trying to control her body and her mind, but they couldn’t. She wasn’t sure how. She just knew that there was something protecting her consciousness from the same people who had invaded it so many times before. She assumed Race felt the same. Still… every night she imagined waking up to be something that was not quite herself. Every night, she fell asleep with the haunting thought that if she let down her guard even for a second, the wall would fall down and they would control her mind once again.

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The Disappeared Reappears.

Hi guys! Long time no see, eh? Well… sorry about that.

I was trying to take a little brake from writing. Sometimes we writers need to do that, when the writing becomes too much like something we need to do instead of want to do. But… well… I got bored. So… here I am. Writing this bog post. *blushes* I never was very good at listening to myself anyway.

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And The Conclusion…

Okay! Now… for the tags of the Behind the Blogger Book Tag!

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

And we have…

I’m gonna be a rebel and crash the tag five people rule into four little pieces. It’s shameful how long this took me, trust me it is. And… I’m gonna have to leave soon anyways. So… hasta la later, ya’ll. (Wut was dat?)

~B. Shastin

Behind the Blogger Book Tag. I Would Make a Header But Technology Hates Me.

Reporter*in a highly refined accent*: Hellu to all! It’s a wonderful Wednesday evening over here at Shastin’s Notebook where, well, will you look at that, we have been tagged again. Let’s talk our writer, creator, and editor and chief(*cough* Whut. *cough*) Bethany Shastin herself. From what I’ve heard across the grapevine *wink* she has had a near death incident recently. Care to tell us about that, love.

Me: … Um… *cough* What. Oh… yeah. Okay. Well, as I told you earlier, we have been tagged. (A special thank you to Faith on the Farm for that. Very kind.) So, of course, I went over to read the post, check out the tag, etc. etc. And… well. That’s when it happened. They happened.

Reporter: Wh-what do you mean.

Me: *tearing up* They were just so… so fluffy. And… and… cute. I read the warning, but, honestly, I wasn’t expecting it too be so hard. *sniffles* Long story short… I still don’t know why my mom won’t let me have a goat. I think by dog would get along rather nicely with one, actually.

Reporter: Umm… you were almost killed by goats then?

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Killer Projects Part 11

Part Eleven: Mind Keeper




She opened her eyes but it was still just as dark as it had been when they were closed. Her heart rate quickened as she remembered where she was and why she was there.

Light started to see dim shadows, and, as her vision cleared, she could barely make him out.

Project Stone, crouching dangerously close to the edge of the roof, his head was covered and his back towards her.

She shifted in his direction slightly. Her head felt weighed down by a dozen bricks.

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I Live!

Me: *has several tags I should finally work on*

Me: *could also write a random post about pretty much nothing at all*

Inner Me: A wise and responsible person would do the tags she’s committed to already first.

Me: …

Inner Me: No…

Me: BuT I WANt TOo!!!

Inner Me: *sigh*

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Killer Projects Part 10

Part Ten: Brain Games



“Wait here until you are given your orders.” the woman in the white suit told him.

He obeyed. He was called Project Stone. He was supposed to listen to all that the Commanders told him. He had no past. He had no identity. And if he didn’t cooperate, he wouldn’t have much of a future either.

He glanced down at his hands where is fingertips were smooth. Odd. They were perfectly smooth without any markings on them, but he had this feeling like they should have… something.

After only a couple silent moments alone, a man joined him with a young girl at his side.

He had never seen this girl before. She was pretty, if not a little too pale. She had long, dark hair and brown eyes to match it. She was dressed like him; in the same “uniform” that he had.

“Projects Stone, this is your new partner, Projects Light.”

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The 20 Questions Tag!

Hey, guys! Sorry, I didn’t post last week. I almost didn’t get today’s post done either. But, eventually I forced myself away from my Classified re-write (which we will discus in another post later) and wrote this. XD

So, guess what. I was tagged! *throws confetti* For the 20 Questions Tag! I keep wanting to call it 21 Questions, as in the game 21 Questions, but I can’t. Because, obviously, it doesn’t have 21 questions, but 20. ANYWAYS… enough of my rambling. *clears throat*

First: A special thanks to Catwing over at The Catwing Has Landed. You can check out her answers to the tag here. *throws feathers in your honor* (Yes, I know that throwing feathers is your things, but…. I did do it in you honor, so…) 😉

Now, let us begin!

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Killer Projects Part 9


Part Nine: Questions



Race had never expected this to happen. He hadn’t meant to cause problems when he came here. He had just hoped to find a place to stay the night. I place where he could stop running, if only for a couple of hours. He had hoped that no one would have been here.

But then she had, her every emotion guarded by thick, armed walls. She was different. Like him.

Then he heard the voices. So did she. And somehow he knew that they could get themselves in a lot more trouble than they already were. He had seen her mask crack slightly, and what he saw behind it was not good.

They stood still for a couple of seconds, both of them guarded. Finally, Race knew that he couldn’t stay any longer. He had to leave. But, then again, he couldn’t just leave her there to deal with what he would be easily escaping from.

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Flash Fiction

Hey! I finally found out what Flash Fictions are!

flash fic·tion


  • 1. fiction of a type characterized by being very short, typically consisting of only a few hundred words

Finally. I mean, sure, I knew more or less of what they were, but I wasn’t 100% sure. Well, now I know. So… of course, I had to write one. To be honest, short writings are a challenge for me. It’s hard for me to write short stories. I wrote one once and at 7000 words that was still difficult. So… when I saw that flash fictions are supposed to be only a few hundred words… I accepted the challenge!

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